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OUR MISSION: To provide our elite professional's access to our VIP Clients by connecting them with our extremely wealthy clientele that are in need of their services.


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Buying Power Exceeds A Trillion Dollars Annually


Ms. Katia Onassis has spent 36 years compiling the most prestigious Bank Vault of the highest net worth individuals and organizations.   

Reaching Affluent Aviation Contacts and Connections


  Miss Onassis Investor Connections and ACAC offers a genuine way to gain exposure, network, and grow your company portfolio financially. ACAC has a sincere interest to connect our members with our elite clientele within the Aviation Industry, both private jet and charter services worldwide.


Real Estate - Commercial and Luxury Estate Connections


 ACAC and Miss Onassis Investor Connections personally speaks to every associate, affiliate, investor,  and entrepreneur, creating relationships, not for a day, but for a lifetime. Miss O has direct contacts with top brokers and agents.

Luxury Yacht Contacts and Connections


Growth delivered by simply creating more profitable cleintele by only dealing with high net worth connections and quality.  Miss O has connections within Yacht Clubs and Yacht Associations and Yacht brokers.