Meet Our "Business Ladies In Command"

Aviation-Real Estate-Yacht Professionals

Our "Ladies In Command" are extremely successful and powerful ladies. Through our network, our ladies are able to make connections with our superior quality business contacts. Our ladies have successful track records with enormous financial stability. Our ladies can afford everything and anything  and are very powerful players in the community.  Here at "Ladies In Command" you  receive  quality connections that generate income directly from our private Bank Vault  of contacts and connections. Our "Ladies In Command: are accomplished individuals that work within the industries of Aviation, Real Estate and Yacht organizations. Our ladies share common goals in purchasing aircraft, yachts and real estate.  Each member is able to network and connect via a phone call and email and simply set up direct business connections and transactions.  Our "Ladies in Command" share the world of wealth, information and education within the "Ladies in Command Association."


Ladies In Command Association


85% Enjoy Personal Pampering

81% Enjoy Luxury Resorts

73% Enjoy Restaurants


67% Enjoy Entertainment & Attractions

57% Love Shopping

Designer Clothing & Accessories


69% Golf

72% of the Golfers

 Golf More Than  50 Rounds /Year


                       71% Ski                                          55% Ski  More than 10 Days/Year

77% Ski More than 6 Days/Year 

69% Snow Ski/ 46% Water Ski


Over 70% Plan To Buy: 

Investment Property,


Luxury Vacations


47% Dive 

67% of the Divers, Dive

 More than 6 Trips/ Year

Business Ladies In Command Connections

Elite Professional Ladies

Ladies join us on a new flight plan!  A  private organization of elite professional ladies. The ladies in command are within the aviation, real estate, yacht and investment associations. A fabulous dynamic establishment for all to share the wealth of contacts and connections. For over 36+ years, I Katia Onassis have contributed in creating connections that have generated multi millions of dollars in revenue.  Now, I'm offering you the opportunity to get connected through my personal business relationships and financial contacts and  connections. My private bank vault has a massive inventory of networking,  business affiliate connections, investment connection opportunities, investor introductions, aviation, yacht, real estate connections and the inventory is endless and priceless. My conections continue to expand and are creating a buzz worldwide in the financial community. 

Ladies, my Bank Vault of connections are the reason for my reputation and integrity. As a driven and highly performance-oriented professional, I have been  building solid relationships that create fortunes, for over three decades.  My track record is spectacular. This is my passion and when you love what you're doing the rest falls in place and your life has meaning and purpose. 

 I have proven my way in the financial industry, I have proven myself as a female and now I'm ready to take my ladies to their next destination, so they too can enter this amazing  private community of fame and financial freedom.  Male or female, it's all about who you know and  who you can get a connected to in the business community. Personal introductions are extremely important in any business relationship.

Ladies, in today's fast paced world of communications, getting introductions through an established connection is priceless. The "Ladies in Command Association" is an efficient way to enhance your pipeline, you are connected immediately through my VIP contacts. 

Moreover, I enjoy attending seminars and large events but let's be realistic, unless you have a personal introduction in a private setting how many people can you truly meet in an hour or two?  I havw attended so many events, yet there was never enough time to actually speak to everyone and give them a proper introduction and value of what we would share in a business association.

Ladies, wouldn't you agree that giving out a business card without a conversation is so ridiculous without having a chance to  speak to that person, because they are to busy talking to someone else?  It just proves that you still need to find the time to chase down people and get their number to make a phone call.  Let's face it, the time it takes to get ready, drive, meet and greet on a busy schedule loses the value of your time and money.

Here at  LADIES IN COMMAND you are introduced at your convenience and get connected immediately through my system.  We have many elite professional divisions.  Why not share the wealth within our own membership, have a grand time and keep on expanding your portfolio. 

Let's talk or If you would like to meet, have lunch, dinner, cocktails that's great we can also do that.  Smart men and ladies know, business comes first and money follows and then the fun is available at any time on your terms.

At LADIES IN COMMAND we network with you and for you and create additional revenues all within our private organization.  So let the aviation ladies take you for a flight. Or let the yacht  ladies cruise down beautiful sunsets with you. Or how about the real estate ladies spoiling you on private terms of what your heart is looking for in leasing or purchasing properties.  We also have investment opportunity connections, educational opportunities and a wonderful private community of successful ladies.

Hosting parties and events should be the celebration after the money is made, how (SMART) is that? It's so smart that the revenues that we generate allow us to vacation, mingle and have fun and truly become "THE LADIES IN COMMAND" 

I personally invite each lady to call me directly and or  met with me so that I can create a custom plan with you.  And together we will launch you to the amazing  financial destination that you deserve. 


Ladies in Command


Over 60% 

Plan To Purchase: 

Real Estate, Computers,

 Home Remodeling, Furniture, Decorating, Adventure Travel,  

Avionics / Instraments


Over 50% Plan To Purchase: Automobile, Watches, Jewerly,

 GPS, Luggage & Travel Accessories, Aircraft Charter


Over 40% Plan To Purchase:

 New or Upgraded Aircraft, 

Yachts, Golf Clubs, Cameras, Personal Services


Over 30% Plan To Purchase:      Flight Training, Cruise, Sporting Equipment, Motorcycle, Boat/Yacht, Fine Art 


85% Enjoy Personal Pamering

81% Enjoy Hotels/ Resorts

73% Enjoy Restaurants

67% Enjoy Entertainment & Attractions


Over  70% Plan To Purchase: Luxury Travel, Investments, Aircraft Accessories, Designer Clothing & Accessories

Our Ladies Have Successful Financial Track Records

42% Tennis


25% Safari


73% Boating


21% Kayaking


72% Sailing


66% Horesback Riding