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MariahCorp BicksBurg Square/Barnette Parke Commercial Real Estate Development Project "INVITATION"

The Community of the Future - Advanced Construction Techniques

Synthetic Water Reduces Water Consumption


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All parking for the BicksBurg Square/BarnettParke community is contained within enclosed parking structures on the bottom floors of each building, eliminating the bulk of automobile emissions from ascending into the atmosphere as visitors and residents navigate the complex.



BicksBurg Square  

BarnettParke  lies in a superb location, at the intersection of Interstate 25 (the major north-south freeway connecting all of the East Slope Rocky Mountain cities) and the E-470 Denver Beltway. Denver Airport is a short 15 minute drive.

Synthetic Water Fountain


Thanks to the innovators at the 3M Company and our R & D Team, a colorless, odorless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly version of liquid fluorocarbon, dubbed Synthetic Water looks like water, sounds like water, and is and remains crystal clear.



Monorail and Regional Mass transit Provide Clean Rides to 70 Miles of front Range Cities. BricksBurg Square/Barnett Parke will ultimately be linked to the 144th Avenue Urban District via a fast, efficient monorail system designed and built by Urbanaut in Seattle, Washington.

Garde / Parks / Trails Waterways


Landscape Technology: 

BrickBurg Square/Barnett Parke is among the first, if not the very first, project of its kind in the US to incorporate landscape technology into the greening of the community

Solar Power: Sustainable Self Sustainable Self Sufficiency


With 300+ days of sunshine each year, BricksBurg  Square/Barnett Parke is a natural for solar power production. WaveSol ( Ascent Solar 5-Meter) The largest high-efficiency monoithically interconnected. CIGS module

Miss Onassis's Investor Connections $1.5 Billion

INVESTOR Applications Available

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Aviation, Private Funding & Investor Connections       

Investors and aviation connections who wish to participate in our MariahCorp spectacular  commercial real estate development opportunity are cordially invited. MariahCorp communities are a dream come true for tenants, residents, municipalities, and the investors and lenders that help create them.


The Future of Aviation & Real Estate Has Arrived

MariahCorp has created the most advanced commercial real estate development in the United States. At build-out in 4 years it will contain 38 high-rise towers with over 10 million square feet of technologically advanced residential, retail, office, hotel/convention center and entertainment space, along with over 2 million square feet of innovative parking facilities intergrated with multimodal transportation alternatives. It will accommodate 7,500 permanent residents, over 30,000 additional daytime office and retail residents, along with a 500-room, 15 story world class hotel and a 300,000 square foot next generation convension facility with a 1500-seat state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor amphitheater. The entire community is 100% self-powered, self-heated and cooled via a solar/geothermal energy combination, new landscaping techno;ogy greatly reduces C02 and increases 02, bio-tec water filitering. A 50% reduction in water consumption, and a new Synthetic Water for non-consumption uses.

A new world has arrived and MariahCorp  technology  is awesome. MariahCorp even have robots that  patrol the entire community. A game changer in this century...see link at bottom of page (

MariahCorp is both creator and developer of the most technologically advanced, self-sustaining communities in the United States, ushering in a new era of community design that both enhances quality of life and greatly reduces consumption.

MariahCorp's game-changing communities combine the latest in existing technology with MariahCorp's  proprietary technologies, resulting in a lifestyle experience never before imagined in  the world of commercial real estate development.  From greatly conserving precious water and power resources, to dramatic reductions in both waste output and air contaminants, MariahCorp is building a much better future for generations to come.

While environmental ambitions have usually meant higher costs that are not affordable to the average  consumer, MariahCorp has developed methods to greatly reduce and create  environmentally friendly communities for less cost than that of traditional  communities. Additionally, ongoing operating costs such as utilities & maintenance are greatly reduced, resulting in  increased monthly/yearly operating capital for both residents and commercial tenants.  Another contributor to cost reduction and profitability is the construction method for building these communities via on-site prefabrication  of buildings and tower units in a ground facility.  The ability to continue work year around regardless of weather in a strict quality-controlled environment before hoisting completed  sections and units into place allows for  much greater cost control and virtual elimination of cost  overruns. Construction completion times are also dramatically reduced, bringing the new  community into a revenue-producing state much more quickly.

Since buyers and tenants  are the key to profitability, MariahCorp has created an experience for them that is second-to-none. Tenants/residents have access to an enormous roster of time and money-saving services to help them with their busy lifestyles. The resort-style atmosphere is also enhanced with the ultimate in security systems that go far beyond the norm, and actually prevent crime before it happens.


Luxury Condos & Apartments Community

38 High Rise Towers with over 10 million square feet of technologically advanced residential living.

  • Rent an apartment or convert condo to ownership
  • Indoor on premises and outdoor dog parks
  • Private robot security patrols premises and communicates directly with Thornton Police Department

BicksBurg Square/ Barnett Parke will set a new standard of quality, not just in the Denver Region, but in the United States.  Quality of  construction technology, enhanced quality of life, advanced work environments, and architectural excellence will combine to create the high demand that will keep the project full and vibrant.


Apartment vacancy rates within a 5 mile radius are at 1.2% below the Denver Metro average of just under 3%. Condominium shortages continue, even  as condos continue to be sold out in advance of their competition, office vacancy rates average just under 5%, newer retail vacancy rates average just  over 2%. Class A Luxury spaces is experiencing a severe shortage in the immediate project area, and the National Association of Realtors projects continued shortages well into the next, decade as demand outpaces supply.

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The Cleanest, Greenest Projects In The United States

BicksBurg Square & Barnett Park Featured at Two of the Largest Real Estate Conferences in the World



There is a new way to build a community in the 21st Century, and BicksBurg Square/Barnett in Colorado is leading the way in doing so. MariahCorp, the project developer, is taking the best of several clean, green technologies, and combining them into one magnificent example of environmentally friendly, high rise communities for the rest of the country to follow. From an extensive use of multiple solar power technologies, to clean Geothermal heating/air conditioning,  HVAC placement, Monorail transportation and Regional Mass Transit, parking garage air filtration systems, porous street paving materials, tankless rapid hot water systems, the use of the latest in LED lighting technology throughout, and the massive use of landscape technology for heat and CO2 absorption, BicksBurg Square will be the cleanest 7,500-person community in the U.S. 

MariahCorp is proud to announce that BicksBurg Square and Barnett Parke have been featured at the two largest International Real Estate Federation conferences in the United States and globally!.

Beginning with the FIABC Business Development Conference and Annual Meeting held in Las Vegas, Nevada, both projects were featured before a large audience of real estate professionals eager to learn of groundbreaking design and technology advances in new and upcoming real estate projects in the United States. The Spring Conference attendees, which also include many Central and South American delegations, were impressed and excited to learn of the spectacular design and energy efficiencies of both BicksBurg Square and Barnett Parke. They were so well received, that they were selected as one of only two project groups from the  United States to be featured at the 66th World Congress of the International Real estate Federation, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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North 1-25 Development Corridor / Thornton Denver, CO USA

MC North-Metro Connectivity (pdf)


MariahCorp-152nd Ave Interchange / City Of Thornton (pdf)


MariahCorp Central District (pdf)


Knightscope - Autonomous Security-For MariahCorp Development

  • Self-Driving Technology + Robotics + Artificial Intelligence
  • Isn't It Time You Gave Your Program a 21st Century Overhaul?
  • U.S. Deployments Available Nationwide
  •  State-of-the Art Security Robots Operate In 15 States Cross 4 Times Zones
  •  Running Fully Autonomously 24/7/365
  •  Both outdoors and indoors  Have Secured over a dozen crime-fighting Wins!